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The President, with Central Community School Board approval, shall authorize the creation of standing School Board committees, to be charged with deliberations of certain issues as deemed necessary.  Such committees shall be composed of members of the School Board whose chairperson shall be appointed by the President.  Each standing committee shall consist of at least three (3) School Board members.  The President shall be given the option to change committee membership.


The Central Community School Board may appoint standing committees as it may determine necessary.


Meetings of standing committees of the School Board shall be scheduled periodically, provided that the President, Superintendent, or committee chairpersons have the authority to call special meetings should the need arise.  Such call shall be made in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting.  Whenever possible, announcements of committee meetings shall be made at meetings of the School Board, and the time and place of meetings incorporated into the minutes for purposes of public announcements.


Committees shall have deliberative and recommending powers only, unless the School Board by formal action grants the committee the right and responsibility to act on certain specified matters.  A committee shall consider only those items referred to it by the President of the School Board, by the Superintendent and/or designee, or by formal School Board action.




Other special committees may from time to time be appointed by the President or School Board to study specific issues.  The membership of any special committees need not be restricted to members of the School Board, but may include such persons who may have knowledge or interest in the subject studied.  Such special committees shall be subject to the same policies and statutory provisions as Standing Committees.




The agenda, time and date of committee meetings shall be set by the School Board or committee chairperson, pending discussion with both the Superintendent and School Board President of any proposed agenda items and meeting date.  Items of business may not be added to a committee’s meeting agenda except by unanimous approval of the members present at the meeting.


All committee meetings shall be advertised according to state statutes and School Board policy and shall be open to the public, except in those instances allowed as provided by state law.  A majority of the committee membership shall constitute a quorum for purposes of making recommendations or taking any action that has been previously authorized.  Ex-officio members of a committee shall not count towards a quorum and shall not vote on issues.




A committee report of actions taken during the committee meeting shall be presented to the School Board for its consideration and approval.  The School Board shall hold a separate vote on each recommendation made by the committee.


Minutes of each committee shall be taken and appended to the minutes of the School Board meeting at which the report was given.


Revised:  June, 2014



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:55, 17:81, 42:19

Board minutes, 6-9-14


Central Community School Board