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The Central Community School Board recognizes the keeping of records and the making of reports are necessary for the efficient and well ordered administration of schools.  At the school level, the principal shall be responsible for all records and reports; however, he/she shall have authority to delegate the task of keeping records or preparing reports to members of his/her faculty.


Any and all reports shall be processed through the principal, who shall be responsible for submitting the report to the proper authority or agency.  The following is a list of records and reports which must be maintained and/or submitted:


  1. Cumulative Folder

    This folder provides a complete record of each student during his/her years in school.  There should be no delay in entering information into this record.  Generally, the responsibility for maintaining this folder is the responsibility of the counselor.


  1. Employee Absentee Report

    This report shows the date(s) of absence and the reason(s) for the absence, and is turned in to the School Board Office at the end of every calendar month.  Reports will be turned in on all personnel in the school.


  1. Financial Report

    This is a report of all school income, expenditures, and balances credited to organizations or school departments.  The report is due in the School Board Office by th
    e 15th of each month.


  1. School Food Services Reports


    1. School Food Service Daily Food Lunch Reports

      This report is due in the School Board Office within three (3) days after the end of the calendar month.  The report shall be completed weekly and/or monthly on the prescribed form from the Louisiana Department of Education.  This report includes data concerning number of lunches served to students (paid and donated), Food Service employees, school adults, along with money collected for all paid lunches.

    2. School Food Service Daily Substitute Accident and Reports

      These reports are due in the School Board Office within three (3) days after the end of the calendar month.  The reports shall be completed daily on the prescribed forms from the School Board Office.

    3. Market Order Request

      Completed copies of menu requests are due in the School Board Office two (2) weeks prior to expected delivery.


    1. Inventory of Equipment


      1. Complete records of all equipment in all schools is kept at the School Board Office; all additions to equipment made during the school year shall be recorded as soon as received.  Signed invoices are due each month to complete this report.

      2. A complete inventory review is made to the School Board Office at the end of the school year and this record shall be on file in the School Board Office.


    1. Inventory of Food:  Purchased and Donated USDA

      Complete records of all foodstuffs in the schools are due in the School Board office three (3) days after the end of the calendar month.  The reports shall be completed monthly on the prescribed forms from the School Board Office.


  1. Fire Drill Report

    This report is made monthly to the School Board Office and shows the number of students participating and the time it took to vacate the building during the fire drill.


  1. Visiting Teacher Reports


    1. Principal’s Gain or Loss Report.  This report should be filled out for each student gain or loss and turned in with each 30-day report.

    2. Report of Student’s Absence or Adjustment Problems and all Suspensions.  This report will be filled out and turned in to the Visiting Teachers’ Office as soon as possible after being completed.

    3. Drop-out Reports.  The form A School Drop-out Card for Use by the Visiting Teacher, must be filled out on every drop-out regardless of age.  The number of cards filled out shall tally with the figures in Columns 5, 6, and 7 of the Principal’s Monthly Report.


  1. Vocational Reports

    Various reports are required of all vocational teachers.  These reports must be prepared and channeled according to instructions.


  1. Athletic Association Report

    This report is required by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.  The report contains information on athletic activities and athletes.


  1. State Annual Report

    Each school is required to turn in an annual report to the Louisiana Department of Education.  The report is submitted at the end of the firs month following the opening of school.  The report includes the following:  names of teachers, years of experience, number of teaching certificate and date issued, where the certificate was obtained, daily schedules with student load, and a brief statement about the faculty study for the school year.


  1. Southern Association Report

    Member schools of the Southern Association are required to submit an annual report.  The report is submitted to the chairman of the respective state accrediting committee.


  1. End Of Year Reports

    The reports listed below are to be turned in to the School Board Office at the close of the school year:


    1. Attendance and Bus Report

    2. Session Report

    3. Record of Promotions and Failures

    4. Annual Report of Textbooks and Libraries

    5. Home Economics Report and Vocational Agriculture Report

    6. School Food Service Daily and Equipment Inventory


Central Community School Board