FILE:  D-3.5

Cf:  D-6.1





The Central Community School Board shall establish and maintain a uniform procedure for the handling and accounting of admission fees charged for all school events, such as athletics or entertainment, whether such is assessed in advance or upon entering.  All such fees shall be controlled through the use of pre-numbered tickets.  The price of tickets shall be determined and set by each school.


Uniform procedures shall be used for selling and collecting tickets to athletic and all other school functions when admission is charged, to ensure the proper accounting of all ticket transactions.  Money received from school-sponsored activities such as football, basketball, track, baseball, shows, plays, concerts, etc., shall be verified by the use of a numbered ticket system.  It is required that the first and last ticket of each roll used for that activity be attached to the Gate Receipt form to confirm sales.  Any information which would help verify or account for income shall be filed with the deposit ticket.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Central Community School Board