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Safety inspections are one of the primary means of locating accident causes.  They determine the safeguards necessary to remove hazards from the workplace.  As such, inspections are valuable in controlling accidents.


Inspections are not conducted to find out what is wrong, but conducted to be helpful and bring the operations up to acceptable standards resulting in a safer work environment.


Physical premises safety inspections shall be done by the department supervisor, principal, or designated person appointed by the principal on a monthly basis.  The Superintendent or his/her designee shall conduct inspections annually or as deemed necessary.  Their primary function is to observe and correct unsafe acts and conditions.  The principal of the school shall sign for approval on all inspections before the form is sent to the Superintendent or designee.


Premises inspection shall be made utilizing the Central Community School Board self-inspection checklist with corrective action taken as indicated.  Other inspections shall be conducted in target areas, i.e., high frequency areas, areas subject to heavy public exposure, etc.  Suggested items inspected should include: housekeep­ing, fire protection, security, hand tools, lift equipment, machine guarding, etc.




The Central Community School Board recognizes the need for fire prevention/precaution in order to protect its employees, students, visitors, and property from the hazards of fire.  Reducing and/or eliminating the fire hazards in and around the schools and other School Board property should be everyone’s responsibility.


As a prerequisite in its fire prevention strategies, the School Board shall require inspections by qualified persons of all fire safety and prevention equipment, including but not limited to fire alarm and smoke detection devices at each school under the School Board’s jurisdiction, as well as all other School Board property, at least twice during each school year.  All necessary service, repairs, and precautions shall be taken by appropriate persons in a timely manner to assure that all such equipment is in good working order and meets the needs for which it was intended.  Employees of the School Board may perform the required inspections called for in this policy provided they have received the appropriate training necessary to perform such inspections, and documentation of such training shall be included in the employee’s personnel file.


The supervision and implementation of the inspection requirements shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.  Reports on all inspections shall be maintained and submitted to the Superintendent and/or designee upon completion of the inspection.


The principal or his/her designee shall make a periodic review and frequent inspections of all school buildings and facilities for potential fire and other hazards.  Open flame areas for instructional purposes shall be designated by the principal or building administrator at each School Board facility, or his/her designee, with the designation to be approved by the Superintendent prior to such usage.  Lighted, scented candles, or other open flames shall not be permitted at any school campus or other Central Community School Board facility, with limited exception where an open fire may occur, such as a bonfire, and is approved by the Superintendent.  Such events shall require submission of a request outlining guidelines to be adhered to during the event and utilizing local and/or state fire standards.  This policy shall not apply to open flames required for maintenance and/or construction needs.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 40:1578.6

Life Safety Code, National Fire Prevention Association


Central Community School Board