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The Central Community School Board shall assure every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources while exercising sound financial management.


Successful energy conservation shall be the joint responsibility of the School Board members, administrators, teachers, students and support personnel.


Accurate records of energy consumption and cost of energy shall be maintained and information shall be provided to the local media on the goals and progress of the energy conservation program.


The principal shall be accountable for energy management on his/her campus with energy audits being conducted and conservation program outlines being updated.  Judicious use of the various energy systems of each campus shall be the joint responsibility of the principal and head custodian who shall ensure that an efficient energy posture is maintained on a daily basis.


Curriculum will be developed to ensure that every student will participate in the energy management program in the district as an energy saver.


Energy conservation shall include:


  1. Every student and employee will be expected to contribute to energy efficiency in our district.  Every person will be expected to be an “energy saver” as well as an “energy consumer.”

  2. All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas will be turned off.  All lights will be turned off when students and teachers leave school.  Custodians will turn on lights only in the areas in which they are working.

  3. Energy management on his/her campus will be made a part of the principal’s annual evaluation.

  4. The designated custodian at each school will be responsible for a complete and total shutdown of the facility when closed each evening.

  5. Administrative guidelines shall be developed by the energy Education/Manager and shall be the “rules of the game” in implementing the energy program.  These guidelines shall become a part of this policy upon development.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board