FILE:  E-1.8a





The Central Community School Board shall employ certified architects and engineers, in an objective and equitable manner, at approved fees, to perform professional services for projects involving planning, design or study in specialized fields, such as site development, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, structural, foundations, electrical, communications, and others.


The School Board shall not appoint architects to do detailed drawings and specifications on any construction project until such project is scheduled within the next fiscal year to begin construction.


Contracts with architects/engineers shall be in writing, and prior to execution and approval by the School Board, be submitted to the School Board attorney for review.  Compensation/fees paid to architects/engineers shall be agreed to by the School Board and stipulated in the contract upon its approval.


Prior to the commencement of work under a contract, the architect/engineer shall furnish the School Board a Certificate of Insurance indicating the proper insurance coverages in limits established by the School Board.


After submission by the architect/engineer of the original drawings of the project, any corrections necessary shall be made within the time frame allotted in the contract.  Once corrections have been made, the title drawing shall contain a note signed by the architect/engineer that he or she certifies any corrected drawings.  Such corrected drawings shall include the accurate locations of all underground work such as water lines, sewers, drainage, electrical, manholes, cleanouts, valves, and gas lines for each future location.  All changes or deviations from original plans must also be noted on the drawings modified.  The “name,” “size,” “capacity,” and other pertinent data on all equipment actually furnished must also be noted and/or referred to on shop drawings.  In such cases neatly bound shop drawing prints shall be furnished.


Additionally, the architect/engineer shall furnish the Record Set in a digital format approved by the School Board on a diskette or cd-rom disk and one clear, sharp and legible copy, signed with live stamp of the architect/engineer visible.


The architect/engineer shall, by signing the contract, agree that any and all disputes under the contract, including disputes with related third parties who do any work related to this contract, shall be tried in the proper local district court for the State of Louisiana and does formally agree not to raise and does waive any pleas of lack of jurisdiction and/or venue in the event of suit by any party under the contract.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board