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It shall be the policy of the Central Community School Board that the acceptance of new construction be withheld until completion is certified by the Superintendent.  Before any building or construction job is accepted by the School Board as substantially complete, the architects and contractors shall notify the Superintendent at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the inspection of the construction and School Board members shall be notified of this date and invited to view the construction before the final acceptance comes before the School Board.  Any payments involved shall be reviewed at this time, and the School Board, with advice of the architect, shall have final authorization for any payment.


No such certification shall be made until all contractual agreements have been met to an extent considered satisfactory under the Louisiana laws and the prescribed School Board standards.




When construction and maintenance projects costing $100,000 and above, or such sum as the School Board shall declare, are completed by other than School Board employees, the Central Community School Board shall require, through its construction consultant, project architect or engineer, an inspection of the completed project for defects at least two (2) times during the first year.  The findings of these inspections shall be used to ensure that the School Board exercises its rights under the warranty specified in the construction contract.  Inspections shall be held as needed, but at least during the sixth (6th) and eleventh (11th) months following completion.  Defects in workmanship or materials found shall, within ten (10) days, be reported to the contractor requesting that the defect be repaired or replaced.  The contractor shall honor the warranty within the days allotted for repair or replacement in the warranty.  Failure to honor the warranty shall result in notification to the School Board, the Superintendent, and the School Board attorney of this failure.  The School Board’s attorney shall pursue all legal recourse to see that the best interests of the School Board and taxpayers are served.


Before the end of the warranty period the Superintendent shall notify the School Board that the requested inspections have been made, the findings of these inspections, and whether or not the contractor has met his or her contractual obligations.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board