FILE:  E-2.1





The Central Community School Board shall require the receiving and distribution of equipment and supplies be made through the warehouse manager’s office and all records kept in this office.  The warehouse manager shall be in charge of all receiving and distribution of equipment and supplies.


In receiving freight, the following procedure shall be followed:


  1. In the event of freight shortage where the number of cartons received is less than that indicated on the freight ticket, the shortage shall be indicated on the freight ticket and verified by signature of the person making delivery.

  2. In the event of damaged merchandise, the same procedure of having the carrier sign freight ticket noting damage shall be followed.

  3. Concealed damage must be reported to the carrier as soon as possible, no later than fifteen (15) days after receiving merchandise.

  4. Material shortage resulting from vendor’s error should be reported to the purchasing agent’s office.  A carrier is not responsible for freight shortage provided he/she delivers the required number of cartons indicated on the freight ticket.


After the initial steps as described above are taken, the freight ticket and packing slips shall be sent to the purchasing agent’s office so that a claim can filed with the carrier.


A complete and accurate inventory of all materials and equipment shall be maintained at the warehouse by the warehouse manager.


Central Community School Board