FILE:  E-3.3

Cf:  G-9.1





The Central Community School Board recognizes that there are times in which private vehicles are used to transport students to and from school sponsored events.  The School Board directs that such transportation services shall only be utilized in emergency situations as authorized by the principal. Otherwise, proper student transportation, i.e., School Board owned or contractually operated vehicles, shall be used.  The use of any van, cargo or passenger, in any capacity, for the purpose of transporting students to or from any school-related activity shall be prohibited, unless designed and constructed for such transportation.


When private vehicles are to be used to transport students, such vehicles shall be chosen in advance of the anticipated usage, whenever possible.  In situations where private vehicles are to be used for transporting students to school related activities, the following guidelines shall be adhered to:


  1. The driver of a vehicle should be restricted to a teacher, parent, or legal guardian with a minimum age of twenty-five years (25).  The vehicle owner shall submit a Trip Request for approval.  Overnight or out-of-state trips shall require School Board approval.

  2. All students shall have written permission from their parent or legal guardian to travel with the group on file with the principal or his/her designee prior to any travel.

  3. The number of students transported shall be limited to the recommended capacity of the vehicle.  Seat belts shall be available for every passenger and each occupant of the vehicle shall buckle with the appropriate seat belt.

  4. A photocopy of a valid driver’s license of the driver(s) and insurance card of the vehicle shall be submitted to school personnel by the intended driver.  Minimum insurance coverage as set by the School Board shall be required for any personal vehicles used to transport students.  Appropriate signed documentation shall be made that the driver of the vehicle and the vehicle's owner are aware that their insurance shall be the first line of defense in the event of an accident.

  5. The Central Community School System Personal Vehicle Transportation Form shall be completed and signed by the driver/owner of the vehicle and the school administrator prior to use of the vehicle.

  6. The following items shall be visually checked and certified by the school administrator prior to use:


    1. Seating capacity is sufficient and seatbelts are available for all occupants.

    2. Vehicle appears to be in good condition and proper working order.

    3. Tail lights, brake lights, and signal lights work properly.

    4. Tires are in good shape and are not bald, dry rotted, damaged, etc.

    5. Under no circumstances shall students be allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board