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The Central Community School Board believes that no otherwise qualified person shall, on the basis of disability, be subjected to discrimination in employment, promotion demotion, transfer, or any employment-related function or process, under any program or activity in the school system.


The School Board further believes that no student, parent or other citizen with a disability should be denied access to any program or activity, where reasonable accommodations may be made without imposing undue financial or administrative burdens, or where such modifications would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or activity.




The School Board shall make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for the known disabilities of its employees and/or applicants.  A reasonable accommodation is defined as a modification to the job or work environment that will enable a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunity.


In general, it is the responsibility of the applicant and/or employee with a disability to inform the School Board that an accommodation may be necessary.  If an employee requests an accommodation and the need for such is not obvious or if the School Board does not believe that the accommodation is needed, the School Board may request that the employee provide documentation from his/her physician regarding the employee’s functional limitations in order to support the request.  The School Board is not required to provide an accommodation that is primarily for the personal use of the employee.  The School Board further is not required to provide an accommodation which would result in an undue hardship on the School Board.


Requests for a reasonable accommodation need not be in writing, but such is preferred.  It is also permissible for another person, such as a friend, family member, or physician, to request an accommodation on behalf of an employee.  The employee who believes that a reasonable accommodation may be necessary should report such to his/her immediate supervisor.  The supervisor will then report the request to the Personnel Department.  At that point, the Director of Personnel or his/her designee, together with the employee’s immediate supervisor, shall meet with the employee to discuss the request and attempt to identify possible accommodations which could be made in order to allow the employee to perform the essential functions of his/her job.  The School Board may choose the accommodation that is less costly or that is easier to provide.


Once a request for an accommodation has been made, the Director of Personnel shall schedule an initial meeting with the employee and his/her immediate supervisor as soon as practical, but in no case longer than fifteen (15) days following receipt of the request.  Multiple meetings may be necessary however, before a determination regarding the request can be made.


Following the meeting(s) discussed above, the Director of Personnel shall render a written decision regarding the request for accommodation, including whether the request is to be granted and how or, if the request is not to be granted, the reasons why.  Such report shall be rendered within a reasonable time following the conclusion of the meeting(s) with the employee and the immediate supervisor, but in no instance shall the report be rendered longer than thirty (30) days following the last meeting.


In case a decision is made not to grant an accommodation because of an undue hardship, written documentation of the reasons therefore shall be sent to the individual and a copy maintained in the employee’s personnel file.


Any employee who is denied a request for accommodation may file a grievance as provided in policy F-4, Complaints and Grievances.



Ref:    29 USC 791 (Employment of Individuals with Disabilities)

29 USC 794 (Nondiscrimination under Federal Grants)

42 USC 12101 et seq. (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§23:322, 23:323, 23:324


Central Community School Board