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The Central Community School Board recognizes that a program of professional development and education is important for the constant professional growth and improvement of an employee.  Therefore, professional personnel shall be encouraged to keep up with new developments and take part in development opportunities in their academic fields and to cultivate an open mind and an experimental attitude toward current educational practices.


To assist with the professional growth and development of teachers and other employees, the School Board supports the following:


  1. The scheduling of regular faculty and in-service meetings to promote the involvement of all teachers in studying problems of mutual concern relating to the curriculum, personnel, or school policies.

  2. The annual involvement of each school faculty in a study project directed toward improvement of the school (as is required of all schools which are accredited by, or affiliated with, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

  3. Grade-level, subject-matter, and departmental faculty meetings scheduled for purposes of curriculum and/or in-service development.

  4. The participation of school administrators, teachers, and other employees in workshops and/or college courses for continued professional development.  Federal and State mandated programs of staff development will be according to the comprehensive system of personnel development established by the State and Federal governing authorities.

  5. Visitation of teachers within the school and visitation at other schools when possible.

  6. An atmosphere which will permit teachers to experiment, to do action research, and to be creative in teaching.

  7. Open lines of communication between teachers, school administrators, other employees, and the central staff.

  8. Supervisory and evaluation procedures directed toward professional growth.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:24.1, 17:3885


Central Community School Board