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The Central Community School Board shall prohibit employees from accepting or soliciting any gift, favor, service, or other benefit that could reasonably be construed to influence the employee's discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities.  An employee who believes he or she has or may have a conflict of interest shall disclose the interest to the Superintendent or designee, who shall take whatever action is necessary, if any, to ensure that the district's best interests are protected.




Employees shall be prohibited from recommending, endorsing, or requiring students to purchase any product, material, or service in which they have a financial interest or that is sold by a company that may employ the district employee during non-school hours.  Professional employees shall be prohibited from recommending or requiring students to purchase a specific brand of school supplies if there are other brands that are equal and suitable for the intended instructional purpose.




The Central Community School Board believes that its practices and procedures must reflect fair treatment to all vendors and agents as well as to the employees and students of the school system.  Consequently, control shall be placed on the use of public buildings for the purpose of demonstrating products, explaining services and/or selling or attempting to sell said products or services.  Accordingly, vendors, solicitors and/or representatives of agencies, companies or associations shall not be permitted to meet with employees of the School Board in the public schools or related buildings or facilities for the purpose of demonstrating products, explaining services and/or selling or attempting to sell said products or services.  Exceptions shall be as follow:


  1. This provision shall not apply to those instances where the School Board and/or the administration deem said presentations in the schools to school employees may be in the best interest of the Central Community School Board, its employees and the community i.e., presentation of textbooks, curriculum materials, etc.

  2. This provision shall not apply to insurance agents whose companies have been approved for payroll deductions by the School Board. However, presentations shall be limited to insurance coverages approved for payroll deduction only and must be presented at regularly scheduled faculty meetings with approval of the principal.  A follow-up meeting for all those not present at faculty meetings may be arranged by the principal so that all employees are aware of the benefits which are available to them.  Meetings with employees in other facilities besides a school shall be arranged/approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.  No other insurance agents or coverage other than that provided by payroll deduction shall be permitted. 

  3. This provision does not apply to the responsibilities for the conduct of School Board business fulfilled by the administrative staff.

  4. Vendors of athletic equipment, with approval of the principal, may be allowed to visit coaches during administrative planning periods.




Employees shall be prohibited from using their positions with the district for the purpose of attempting to sell products or services.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง42:1111, 42:1112, 42:1113, 42:1115, 42:1121


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