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The number of teachers and other school personnel to be employed in the school district shall be determined by the Central Community School Board.  It is the intent of the School Board to activate a sufficient number of positions to accomplish the district's goals and objectives.


The Superintendent shall be delegated the authority to make recommendations to the School Board for adding new positions and for making revisions and/or adaptations to existing job titles and/or descriptions, or for making adjustments to the system’s personnel that will contribute to more efficient operations.


The Superintendent shall maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date set of job descriptions of all positions in the school system.  These job descriptions shall be kept on file and utilized in conjunction with the performance evaluation plan.  All personnel shall be given a copy of their respective job description when first employed and any time the job description is revised.


No professional staff member shall be permitted to hold more than one (1) school-related position in addition to the professional position for which he/she was hired.  A professional staff member is herein defined as any supervisor, principal, assistant principal, or teacher in the employ of the Central Community School Board.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:54, 17:81, 17:3902, 17:3903, 17:3904


Central Community School Board