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Contracts of employment between eligible employees and the Central Community School Board shall be executed for a specified period of time and compensation in accordance with state law.  Unless otherwise stipulated, all employees shall meet all stated position qualifications and/or certification requirements before any contract shall become valid.  Renewal or issuance, when possible, of contracts of employment, as well as dismissal or nonrenewal of contract notices, with the exception of performance contracts, shall be issued on or before the last day of each school year, whenever possible.


The execution of an employee contract between the School Board and employee shall be legally binding upon both parties.  All teachers shall be required to have a written contract signed by the teacher and Superintendent.  The failure of a non-tenured teacher to sign a contract for the ensuing school session within the specified time, when required, shall be considered as voluntary termination of employment on the part of the teacher, unless under extenuating circumstances an extension is granted by the Superintendent.  Any subsequent resignation or termination of said contract for reasons other than extreme emergencies, as determined by the School Board, shall constitute a breach of contract against which legal action may be taken by the School Board and the employee dealt with accordingly.  The Superintendent shall receive, finalize, and accept all resignations of all employees.  However, the Superintendent at the next available meeting shall report said resignations to the School Board.


Performance Contracts


Administrative and supervisory personnel in positions that require certification shall be hired under the terms of a performance contract of not less than two (2) nor more than four (4) years, except when such employment is for a temporary position.  The School Board shall make the final decision regarding the length of any such performance contract.  Prior to the School Board’s approval of any initial or subsequent contract which involves an employee being or having been promoted to a position with a higher salary, the Superintendent shall disclose all terms of the contract to the School Board.


Termination or non-renewal of any performance contract shall be governed by the terms of the contract and applicable law.


Revised:  July, 2014



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Board minutes, 8-25-14


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