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Cf:  F-9.4, F-9.4a, F-9.5





Central Community School Board will abide by the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy, Section Information Handling.  This information will be utilized for the sole purpose of employment suitability for the Central Community School District.  The following procedures will be utilized in the handling of this information:


  1. Designated personnel will be assigned the task of fingerprinting prospective employees and receiving background information from the Louisiana State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  2. Once the background information is received it shall be reviewed by the Director of Human Resources for acceptance.

  3. Any areas of concern on the background check will be discussed with the prospective employee.  If the prospective employee disagrees with any content on the background check they will be allowed to provide documentation from the courts that will clarify areas of concern.

  4. The background check will become a permanent document in the official personnel record of the employee which is stored in a locked file system in a locked room and/or in an electronic file.  This information is accessible only to the designated Personnel Employee (s) and the individual employee to whom these records pertain.

  5. Under no circumstances will this information be shared with any other employee or third party unless the file is subpoenaed by the courts or authorized by the employee to be shared for legal purposes with an attorney.




All Central Community School Board school personnel who are assigned the task of collecting background information on prospective employees will abide by CJIS Security Policy, Section 5.2.1 – Security Awareness Training.  This training will be set up by assigned personnel from the Louisiana State Police.  This training shall be required within six months of initial assignment, and biennially thereafter, for all personnel who have access to CJI to include all personnel who have unescorted access to a physically secure location.




Central Community School System Public Schools shall ensure that CJIS Security Policy, Section 5.8 Media Protection is followed at all times.  Access to digital and physical media in all forms is restricted to authorized individuals.  Procedures to ensure media protection includes the handling of CJI by only authorized personnel from the time the information is received electronically to the time that it is filed in the physical and/or electronic personnel file of the employee.  Unauthorized employees are not allowed to handle this information at any time.




Central Community School System Public Schools shall adhere to CJIS Security Policy, Section 5.8.4 Disposal of Physical Media.  Central Community School System Public Schools maintains all physical/electronic criminal record information of all employees.  Upon termination and/or retirement of an employee physical records will be filed electronically as a permanent personnel file of the employee.  The physical record is shredded.  A physical copy, of any person who did not become an employee at the initial processing of the background, will be maintained in a locked file for one (1) year.  At the end of one year the file will be shredded.




Central Community School System Public Schools will provide a physically secure room to protect CJI and the information system hardware and software as required by CJIS Security Policy, Section 5.9.2 Controlled Area.  Only authorized personnel shall have access to the equipment and information.  This area will remain locked at all times when not in attendance by authorized personnel.  A list of authorized personnel shall be established, maintained and updated as needed.  All electronic storage of media shall follow the encryption standards of CJIS Security Policy, if stored outside of a physically secured room.




Central Community School System Public Schools will investigate any suspected misuse of CHRI.  A person suspected of intentional misuse of CHRI will immediately be suspended with pay.  An investigation of suspected misuse will be held.  At the conclusion of the investigation if it is determined that indeed intentional misuse of CHRI took place the employee shall face loss of access to CHRI, loss of employment, and/or criminal prosecution.  Misuse of CHRI shall be reported to the state.




Any breaches of information or potential security violations shall be immediately reported to the Director of Human Resources.  The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for the investigation of the incident(s) and utilize every measure possible to rectify the situation.  All violations shall be documented and reported to the appropriate agency officials and/or authorities.


New procedure:  September 13, 2021



Ref:    Board minutes, 9-13-21


Central Community School Board