FILE:  F-9.7





During the first week of each school year, the Central Community School Board shall conduct a parish orientation for its employees.


For all teachers hired in the system from January to August, the orientation program shall include:


  1. A district professional social activity to honor new teachers

  2. Introduction to Central Office staff and their responsibilities

  3. An establishment of desirable human relationships

  4. An introduction to professional organizations, credit unions, etc.


Sectional meetings shall be held with department staff to include:


  1. Educational and community philosophy

  2. Schedules

  3. Lesson plans

  4. Mechanics of teaching

  5. Classroom management tips

  6. Initial interaction with new and existing teachers

  7. Evaluation


Local school orientation programs shall also be provided in individual schools throughout the school district.  These programs may include the following activities:


  1. A tour of the school facility

  2. A discussion of the school policies and activities

  3. A discussion of the school philosophy

  4. A discussion of the school day

  5. A discussion of duties and responsibilities

  6. A review of teacher evaluation and observation forms

  7. A talk on the importance of lesson plans

  8. A review of the handling of discipline

  9. A discussion on assigning homework

  10. A review of the importance of teacher-parent conferences

  11. A discussion of the availability of teaching aids, materials, and manuals.

  12. An initial faculty meeting with all teachers to provide for faculty and staff introductions and an opportunity for new teachers to feel a part of the faculty from the very beginning



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Central Community School Board