FILE:  F-9.20





The Central Community School Board believes school faculty meetings are essential to the efficient and effective operation of the schools.  Staff meetings often provide a mechanism for problem solving and input for the decision-making process.  The frequency, time, place and subject matter for these meetings shall be determined by each principal.


The School Board shall require all employees to attend staff meetings and in-service training sessions that may be required by the principals and/or immediate supervisors.  General faculty meetings and in-service activities are considered part of the instructional personnel’s regular assignment and on certain occasions support staff shall also be required to attend.  Teachers and other personnel shall be required to attend faculty meetings and in-service activities unless they are excused for extenuating circumstances by the principal.  Advance notice shall be given to employees informing them of scheduled meetings, whenever possible.  Teachers and principals shall serve on committees, participate in parent-teacher organizations and activities, and become involved in school improvement efforts.


Members of the administrative staff shall be expected to attend all administrative staff meetings as called by the Superintendent or his/her designees and participate in regular staff development and/or in-service opportunities.


In-Service Meetings


The Central Community School Board shall provide for and conduct an annual two (2) day in-service teacher educational program for teachers during the minimum session of attendance.  Teachers, principals, supervisory personnel, and other school administrators shall be involved in the planning of each in-service activity.  It is recommended that students, parents, and community resources be utilized in planning certain types of in-service activities.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board