FILE:  F-10.3





The Central Community School Board, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, may grant leave of absence of not more than two (2) semesters for exchange teaching under the following provisions:


  1. The applicant shall submit and have approved in advance, by the Superintendent, a plan for an exchange of teaching service which will show the benefit to both the applicant and the school system.  A final report shall be filed with the Superintendent upon return from leave of absence for exchange teaching.

  2. The School Board shall pay an employee engaged in an exchange of teaching service the same salary as he/she would receive if he/she were carrying his/her regular assignment, at the same time, and under the same conditions as for other teachers employed by the School Board.

  3. An employee, upon return from an exchange of teaching service, shall be assigned to a position within his/her field of certification, but the School Board shall not be obligated to return the teacher to his/her former school or grade assignment.


Central Community School Board