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The Central Community School Board recognizes that teachers, employees, and administrators have traditionally upheld high standards of professionalism, including that of appropriate personal appearance and professional attire.  In accordance with that tradition, the School Board embraces the following standards as they relate to employee dress and a positive, professional public image.




Employees on a daily basis shall dress as professionals, in businesslike attire in order to set a good example for co-employees, students and the general public.  Employee dress and grooming shall not detract from the learning/educational environment of students' participation in classes, school programs or other school-related activities.  Extremes in style and fit in employee dress and extremes in style of grooming shall not be permitted.  Administrators shall be authorized to use their discretion in determining extremes in styles of dress and grooming and what is appropriate and suitable for School Board employees.  No employee shall wear, possess, use, distribute, display, or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign, or other things which are affiliated with drugs, alcohol, violence, or gang-related activities.  Policies regarding dress and grooming stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning and are addressed in an attempt to enhance the learning environment.




The guidelines of the School Board shall be that no mode of attire shall be considered proper for school wear that distracts from or disrupts classroom and school decorum.  To maintain a proper image for teachers, it is the responsibility of principals to see that teachers are appropriately dressed.


Principals or building administrators may make exceptions to the mode of dress in specific shop-type situations where deemed appropriate.  Any condition of grooming or dress judged inappropriate by the principal or building administrators shall not be allowed.


The provisions of the employee dress code shall be applicable to teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, student teachers, teacher aides, and any others who have responsibilities for the instruction of children, as well as to clerical personnel.  These standards also apply to employees at the Central Office, and any other off-campus facilities.


The following items shall not be acceptable in the workplace:


  1. Skirts, dresses, and other articles of clothing that with a length that is above the kneecap.  Slits shall also not come above the kneecap.

  2. Spaghetti strap dresses, camisoles, or tank tops without jackets.

  3. Athletic attire – sweat suits/wind suits.

  4. Shorts of any type, except for physical education teachers.

  5. Garments that inappropriately bare or expose private areas of the body or undergarments, including low cut tops.  No cleavage should be visible.  No midriffs, halter tops, backless clothing, tube tops, garments made of fishnet, mesh, or similar material, tank tops, muscle tops, etc.  If there is any doubt about the appropriateness of a garment, it should not be worn.

  6. Inappropriately sheer or tight clothing, including spandex pants.

  7. Jeans of any nature, except for days approved by the principal or Superintendent.  On approved days, jeans shall be appropriate and not faded, ripped, or too tight.  Jeans are defined as pants and must be of pant length.  Denim capris shall not be allowed. 

  8. Overalls.

  9. Sweat shirts, except for approved special Fridays.

  10. Flip-flops, crocs, or tennis shoes.  On approved jean days, clean/neat tennis shoes, with or without socks or stockings, may be worn.  Sandals with a strap between the toes shall be required to have a strap on the back.

  11. Hats or headgear, unless when worn outside.

  12. Leggings, unless worn with a knee-length dress.


The following guidelines also apply:


  1. On approved blue jeans days, employees shall be required to wear maroon or black polo-type Central Community School System approved shirts.

  2. Pants shall be worn on the outside of boots.

  3. Employees shall maintain well-groomed hairstyles and haircuts.

  4. Only earrings shall be allowed.  No other piercings/jewelry such as in the nose, eyebrow, lip, or chin shall be allowed.

  5. Employees’ tattoos shall not be visible at any time.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board