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The Central Community School Board shall require the compilation of a list of qualified individuals to serve as day-by-day substitute teachers within the school district.  The Superintendent or his/her designee shall prepare the list assuring that all those listed possess appropriate employment criteria, including verification of teachers' qualifications and certification.


Substitute teachers shall be assigned on a daily basis from the principal or his/her designee.  Teachers who are to be absent shall call the principal/designee to notify him/her of the dates of and reason for the absence.  Notification on the same day as the absence shall be given as soon as possible, but no later than one (1) hour before the employee’s appointed daily start time, except in extreme emergencies.  Failure to provide adequate notification may subject the employee to disciplinary measures.


It shall be the responsibility of the principal and the regular teacher to ensure that the substitute teacher has the necessary instructions and materials to teach effectively, including textbooks, lesson plans, class rolls, schedules and an outline of local school procedures.


Retired teachers may be employed as substitute teachers provided that use of retired teachers as substitutes is in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Teacher's Retirement System of Louisiana and pertinent statutory provisions and School Board policy.


Qualified teachers may also be selected to substitute for teachers who plan to be absent for long periods of time.  Provisions shall be made for the hiring of, or contracting with applicable substitute teachers in these instances as developed by the Superintendent and staff.


Substitute Pay


Compensation paid to substitute teachers shall be based upon the degree status of the substitute in accordance with a pay schedule as set by the School Board.


Any school employee whose job does not require a teaching certificate who performs work as a substitute teacher for more than a single class period shall be compensated for that time at the rate of a substitute teacher.  The principal or his/her designee shall authorize the school employee to act as a substitute teacher prior to the employee’s participation in the classroom as a substitute, and shall verify the hours as a substitute teacher for payroll purposes.


Long-term Substitute


Those persons recommended to work as a long-term substitute by the principal of the school, and approved by the Director of Human Resources, shall be paid as long-term substitutes.  Long-term substitute shall be considered to be a substitute hired for a period of four (4) weeks or more.  All recommendations for long-term substitute teaching must be made by the principal prior to the start of the regular teacher’s medical or sabbatical leave, whenever possible.




The School Board shall require the maintenance of a list of properly qualified and approved substitute personnel eligible to substitute for support personnel absent from work.  Only persons approved by the School Board shall be eligible for employment as substitutes.  Appropriate judgment as to actual need should be exercised before employment of a substitute for support personnel.


Revised:  September, 2014



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§11:710, 17:81, 17:84, 17:419.3, 17:493.1, 17:500, 17:1202, 17:1212, 17:1213, 17:1216, 17:1217

Board minutes, 10-27-14


Central Community School Board