FILE:  G-11.9

Cf:  G-11.8





The Central Community School Board shall not allow any student to participate in commencement exercises until he/she has successfully completed all graduation requirements as prescribed by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).  Special Education students must meet all program requirements to receive a certificate of completion and participate in commencement exercises.


Formal graduation exercises shall be held only for graduating seniors (12th grade) during the week preceding the last week of the school term.  Mid-term graduation exercises for graduating seniors may be held at the discretion of the principal during the second week in January.


A student completing his/her studies at mid-term may receive his/her diploma at that time, or may attend spring graduation exercises and be presented with his/her diploma during the exercise.


Suitable culminating activities may be prepared by a principal and his/her staff at the close of the school year for other levels of the school system, but these may not be in the nature of a formal graduation.


Any senior student who is found guilty of any act which constitutes grounds for suspension or expulsion after having met the academic requirements for graduation, may be denied the right to receive his/her diploma at or participate in formal graduation exercises and in lieu thereof, be given his/her diploma in private.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Central Community School Board