FILE:  H-2.2a

Cf:  H-2.1a, H-2.4





Except as provided by law, every child in the state is required by state law to attend public or private school from the child's seventh (7th) birthday until his/her eighteenth (18th) birthday, unless the child graduates prior to his/her eighteenth (18th) birthday.  Any child below the age of seven (7) who legally enrolls in school shall also be required to attend school.  Every parent, tutor, or other person responsible for sending a child to a public or private day school under provisions of state law shall also assure the attendance of such child in regularly assigned classes during regular school hours established by the School Board and shall assure that such child is not habitually tardy from school pursuant to the provisions of La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:233.  The Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, with approval of the Superintendent may refer violations of attendance statutes to the proper court.




Certain exceptions to the compulsory attendance laws are allowed as provided by state law and included in policy H-2.1a, Student Absences and Excuses In addition, statutes provide for the following:


  1. The parent, tutor, or other person responsible for the school attendance of a child between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) who is enrolled in school may request that the student be allowed to attend an effective adult education program or a career and technical education program.

  2. A child who is at least seventeen (17) years of age and who, after successfully completing a program established by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, has been issued a Louisiana high school equivalency diploma in accordance with criteria established by the Louisiana Board of Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges shall be considered exited from high school and shall not be subject to compulsory attendance laws.

  3. Compulsory attendance does not apply to any child who is under the age of seventeen (17) and is attending or seeking admission to a National Guard Youth Challenge Program in Louisiana.  




Failure to abide by the compulsory school attendance laws of the state may result in a referral to Families in Need of Services (FINS) which is a state mandated program or to the District Court with jurisdiction.



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Central Community School Board