FILE:  H-3.6d

Cf:  E-1.1b





The Central Community School Board, in an attempt to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, recognizes that the accident/death of a student or staff member, or a threatened, attempted or completed suicide, or other crises, can have a traumatic effect on the school community and can occur at any time.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining pertinent activities to be conducted when a crisis occurs.


To provide leadership to the school in the event of a crisis situation, each school shall form a Crisis Intervention Team consisting of school counselors, school administrators, school substance abuse coordinator, School Building Level Committee chairman, and a staff member trained in CPR and First Aid.  Other professional personnel permanently assigned to the school may be added to a Crisis Intervention Team as may be designated by the principal.


The principal or building administrator shall be responsible for periodically convening the Crisis Intervention Team and coordinating its discussions and in-service training to prepare the Team for dealing with crisis situations.  The principal shall also monitor, along with all Team members, the Team’s preparedness to address emergency situations and identify specific team roles and responsibilities for when a crisis occurs.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:416.16


Central Community School Board