FILE:  H-5.1

Cf:  G-4.2, H-3.2





The Central Community School Board shall require any student operating any motor vehicle on a school campus to have a valid personal driver’s license, vehicle license, and proof of liability insurance for the vehicle driven.


At the time of student registration, or at the beginning of each school year, each student shall register his/her vehicle and vehicle license number with the principal or his/her designee.  The school shall provide a school parking permit to be placed in the window of each student-driven vehicle that has been registered.  Students shall not be permitted to park their vehicle on school property without a valid permit.  A copy of the student’s driver’s license and proof of insurance shall be submitted at the time of vehicle registration.


Registration of the vehicle with school officials shall constitute permission by the owner to consent to a search of the vehicle by school officials or other properly authorized individuals when circumstances warrant, in accordance with School Board policy or for health, safety, or security reasons.  A student failing to register his/her vehicle shall surrender his/her right to oper­ate vehicles on the school campus.


If a school staff member or faculty member observes a student operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner on the school campus or at school related activities, the student may lose his/her privilege to operate a vehicle on campus.  The staff or faculty member observing such actions shall report them to the principal or to his/her designee.  No more than one warning shall be given a student concerning unsafe vehicle operation.  A second instance of unsafe operation shall result in loss of parking privileges.


Driving to school is a privilege, and drivers shall be subject to the following rules:


  1. All cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes, motorscooters, and bicycles shall be parked in the prescribed place designated by the principal and shall not be moved during the school day without permission of the principal or his/her designee.

  2. Students may not sit in cars parked on the campus or the streets surrounding the schools any time during school hours.

  3. On arriving at school, student drivers shall park their vehicles, secure them, and leave the parking lot.  No lounging and loitering in or around the parking lot at any time during the day shall be allowed by school authorities.

  4. No student may leave school during the school day or during lunch time unless he/she is checked out by his/her parents or legal guardian.  If an automobile is used by the student checking out, no one may ride in the automobile except with approval of parents or legal guardians of all passengers, as well as the driver.

  5. Rules of safety and courtesy shall be observed by student drivers at all times.  Students observed breaking these recognized rules of good driving by either the police or by school authorities shall have their parking permit suspended or revoked.  In addition, violation of traffic or school parking rules, unsafe driving on campus or possession of illegal materials in vehicle (firearms, alcohol, drugs, etc.) shall also be cause for revocation of the student’s parking permit.

  6. The student driver shall assume responsibility for the conduct of those persons he/she permits to ride with him/her.

  7. When unauthorized cars are found on the student parking lot during regular school hours, the owner/driver shall be given one (1) hour to remove the vehicle.  If the vehicle has not been removed in that time, police or other agency shall be requested to remove the vehicle.

  8. Any student who operates a motor vehicle on school property shall be subject to the random drug testing requirements set forth in School Board policy in order to protect the students and faculty on the school campus and for the reasons set forth in policy.  Anytime a student refuses to be tested, he/she shall have all driving privileges on school campus suspended for the remainder of the school year.  All other procedures set forth in School Board policy shall apply.  The names of all students who drive on a high school campus shall be placed in the testing pool.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board