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Student publications are important elements of the instructional program and contribute directly to the accomplishment of the school's goals.  The Central Community School Board supports the development of student-produced school newspapers, yearbooks, and other publications.


The School Board recognizes the students' desire for freedom of expression.  Freedom of expression in our schools shall be interpreted as including, and not being contrary to:



Therefore, the School Board encourages the use of school sponsored publications to express students' points of view.  Such publications shall be free from all policy restrictions outside the normal rules for responsible journalism (the avoidance of libel, obscenity, defamation, false statements, or material advocating racial or religious prejudice).  Student publications shall provide as much opportunity as possible for the sincere expression of student opinion.  All student publications must have the prior approval of the principal before initiation and shall be supervised by the designated faculty advisor.



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Central Community School Board