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The Superintendent of the Central Community School Board is a constitutional school officer as provided in the Constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana.  As such, he/she has certain authorities and functions which are provided for by law.


The Superintendent shall be the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Central Community School Board.  He/she shall be responsible to the School Board for the efficient administration of the school district according to the laws governing the school district and the policies which are adopted by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Central Community School Board.  His/her discharge of duties shall be of such a caliber as to assure that the quality of the school district's educational program is consonant with legislative intent and needs of students and employees, and commensurate with changing needs of  the local citizenry.  As the instructional leader of the school district and its Chief Executive Officer, the Superintendent shall have primary responsibility for personnel actions in the district. 


The Superintendent shall serve as the Secretary and Treasurer of the School Board.  As Secretary, he/she shall conduct all correspondence of the School Board, keep and preserve all its records, receive all reports required by the School Board, and see that such reports are in proper form, complete and accurate.  He/she shall see that all minutes and other transactions of the School Board are made available for public examination in accordance with state law.  He/she shall announce all meetings, prepare the agenda of all meetings, and attend all meetings of the School Board and of its committees.  In case the Secretary is absent, the School Board may appoint another member of the School Board, or other school personnel under the jurisdiction of said School Board to act as Secretary.


As Treasurer, the Superintendent shall be designated as the official custodian of all funds to which the School Board is entitled by law and shall be responsible for the proper safeguarding and accounting for all such funds.


The Treasurer shall issue a receipt for any monies coming into his/her hands and deposit such monies in accordance with the laws governing the deposit of public funds.  He/she shall issue warrants in payment of expenses lawfully incurred on behalf of the School Board, but except as otherwise provided by law, shall issue such warrants only after proper allowance or approval by the School Board.


The Superintendent shall be required to sign each teacher contract issued.



Ref:    Constitution of Louisiana, Art. VIII, Sec. 9

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Central Community School Board