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The Central Community School Board recognizes the need for a clear delineation between its responsibilities, duties and authority and those of the Superintendent.


The School Board is primarily a legislative body with ultimate responsibility for the operation and improvement of public education in the Central Community School District.


The School Board believes that the legislation of policies is the most important function of a School Board and that the execution of the policies should be the function of the Superintendent.  The function of the School Board is not to operate the schools but to see that they are operated for the best interest of the children and taxpayers within the provisions of Louisiana law.  School Board members have no individual authority except when the School Board is in legal session.


The Superintendent shall serve as the School Board’s instructional leader and chief executive officer.  In the execution of his/her executive powers the Superintendent possesses freedom to manage the schools within the parameter of School Board policies to promulgate administrative regulations and procedures for the implementation of School Board policies, which in turn allows the School Board freedom to devote its time to policymaking and appraisal functions.  The Superintendent shall keep the School Board informed about school operations and notify the School Board promptly in times of emergency or other serious events which occur in the schools.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Central Community School Board