FILE:  F-9.8

Cf:  F-9.2, F-9.5

Cf:  F-9.11, F-9.15







Upon initial employment with the Central Community School Board, teachers shall remain on an at-will employment status until they have successfully met the statutory criteria to be granted tenure with the school system.  During this period, the teacher may be terminated by the Superintendent after providing the teacher with written reasons therefor and an opportunity to respond within seven (7) days.




Employees hired under a promotional or performance contract shall not be entitled to any probationary period.




All school employees (those employees who are not teachers) shall be placed on a six (6) month probationary basis upon employment.  Successful completion of the probationary period shall in no way convey any expectation of continued employment.  School employees shall be hired on an at-will employment basis and subject to dismissal by the School Board upon the written recommendation of the Superintendent.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:441, 17:442, 17:492


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