Central Community School Board
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       Section A
       Section B
       Section C
       Section D
          D-1, Annual Operating Budget
          D-1.2, Budget Planning and Preparation
          D-1.4, Periodic Budget Reconciliation
          D-1.5, Budgetary Item Transfer Authority
          D-2.1, Debt Limitation
          D-2-1a, Post-Issuance Tax Compliance
          D-2.2, Short Term Notes
          D-3.1, Local Tax Revenues
          D-3.1a, Industrial Tax Exemptions
          D-3.2, State Revenues
          D-3.3, Tax and Bond Elections and Sales
          D-3.4, Lease of School Lands
          D-3.5, Admissions and Gate Receipts
          D-3.6, Gifts and Bequests
          D-3.7, Grants
          D-3.8, Cash Management and Investments
          D-3.9, Sale of Surplus Equipment and Supplies
          D-3.10, Sale of Buildings and Land
          D-4, Depository of Funds
          D-5, Bonded Employees
          D-6.1, Accounting System
          D-6.2, Financial Reports and Statements
          D-6.2a, American Recovery and Reinvestment Reporting Requirements
          D-6.3, Inventories
          D-6.4, Audits
          D-6.5, Records Retention
          D-6.5a, Preservation of School Board Records Due to Legal Action
          D-7, Expenditure of Funds
          D-7.1, Authorized Signatures
          D-7.2, Payroll Procedures
          D-7.2a, Salary Deductions
          D-7.2b, Payment for Independent Services
          D-7.3, Expense Reimbursement
          D-7.4, Purchasing
          D-7.4a. Bids and Quotations
          D-8, Student Activities Funds Management
          D-9, Cash in School Buildings
          D-10, School Loans
       Section E
       Section F
       Section G
       Section H
       Section I