Central Community School Board
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       Section D
       Section E
       Section F
          F-2, Equal Employment Opportunity
          F-2.1, Individuals With Disabilities
          F-3, Professional Development Opportunities
          F-4, Complaints and Grievances
          F-4.1, Sexual Harassment
          F-5.1, Gifts
          F-6.1, Political Activities
          F-7, Solicitations
          F-8, Personnel Records
          F-9, Personnel Positions
          F-9.1, Qualifications and Duties
          F-9.2, Compensation
          F-9.2a, Employment Classifications, Work Week, and Overtime
          F-9.3, Employment Contracts
          F-9.4, Recruitment
          F-9.4a, Protection of Criminal Background Information
          F-9.4a-P, Administration of Non-Criminal Justice Functions
          F-9.5, Employment of Personnel
          F-9.5a, Employment of Retired Personnel
          F-9.6, Assignment
          F-9.7, Orientation
          F-9.8, Probation
          F-9.10, Evaluation
          F-9.11, Promotion
          F-9.12, Tenure
          F-9.13, Personnel Transfer
          F-9.14, Employee Discipline
          F-9.15, Dismissal of Employees
          F-9.15a, Reduction of Personnel
          F-9.16, Resignation
          F-9.17, Retirement
          F-9.18, Staff Schedules
          F-9.19, Professional and Support Staff Work Load
          F-9.20, Staff Meetings
          F-9.21, Non-School Employment
          F-10.1, Sabbatical Leave
          F-10.2, Professional Leave
          F-10.3, Exchange Teaching
          F-10.4, Sick Leave
          F-10.4a, Family and Medical Leave
          F-10.4b, Sick Leave Bank
          F-10.4c, Emergency Paid Sick Leave (COVID-19 PANDEMIC)
          F-10.5, Personal Leave
          F-10.6, Maternity and Adoptive Leave
          F-10.7, Military Leave
          F-10.8, Jury Duty or Subpoenas
          F-10.9, Leave for Marriage
          F-10.10, Leave Without Pay
          F-10.11, Annual Leave (Vacation)
          F-10.12, Holidays
          F-10.13, Public Service
          F-11.1, Employee Tobacco Use
          F-11.2, Employee Dress Code
          F-11.3, Investigations
          F-11.4, Drug-Free Workplace
          F-11.5a, Alcohol and Drug Testing-General Employees
          F-11.5b, Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Testing - Commercial Drivers' License Holders
          F-11.6, Employee Health and Safety
          F-11.6a, Employee Communicable Diseases
          F-11.6b, Guidelines for Handling Body Fluids in School
          F-11.6c, Health Examinations
          F-11.7, Dangerous Weapons
          F-11.8, Employee Attendance
          F-11.9, Employee Conduct
          F-11.9a, Profanity and Derogatory Language
          F-11.9b, Reporting of Illegal or Unethical Activities
          F-11.10, Use of Telecommunication and Other Electronic Devices
          F-11.10a, Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students
          F-11.11, Miscellaneous Conditions of Employment
          F-12, Substitute Personnel
       Section G
       Section H
       Section I